Forging a Solid Foundation

As a proud supplier of ready-mix concrete, we’ve served the Pittsburg region for more than a half-century—all because we provide high-quality concrete that’s as reliable and long-lasting as the service and follow-up that comes with it.

A Community Built On Values

Working with family is about coming together, day after day—and that’s what we’ve been doing for three generations. We’re proud to add to our family business to a new family of companies through Monarch Cement, a trusted industry name in the Midwest. Monarch shares our product standards and more importantly, the values that have kept us together all this time.

Ready-mix for Every Project

Whether you need 3,000 or 4,000 PSI mixes, DOT-approved concrete, or something specific for your project, we’ll make sure our mix does the job you need it to do.

  • "Proud of our heritage and passionate about our future."

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